Following categories shall be entitled to take membership of the organization which are operating in various facets of real estate development including land development, lay-out, planning, construction of residential, commercial and institutional buildings/ complexes, development of townships, provision of urban infrastructure (roads, electricity, drainage, sewerage, water supply) and social infrastructure (recreational, educational and medical facilities), architecture, town planning, supply of building materials, estate finance, estate insurance, estate marketing and brokerage, and other allied fields.


There shall be following categories of membership:

  • Patron Member
  • Regular Member
  • Associate Member*

Associate Membership is only for those who are operating in ancillary fields of real estate development, such as production and supply of building materials, air-conditioning and architecture.


  • Any person desirous of becoming a member shall apply in the prescribed form. All applications will be scrutinized by a Membership Committee, who will recommend suitable applications to Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee will approve the application based on the recommendation. The applicant will be appointed as a provisional member subject to payment of Entrance and Annual Membership Fees and other payments as prescribed by the rules of the association from time to time.
  • Entrance Fee- The amount of one time fee collected at the time of admission of a member as prescribed by the general body of the association from time to time.
  • Annual Membership Fee- The amount of fee collected yearly at the rates prescribed by the general body of the association from time to time.
  • The membership of the Association is not transferable.
  • After the membership application is accepted by the Executive Committee, the member will be admitted as a provisional member for a period of one year. The secretary/ designated office bearer shall intimate the admission to the applicant in writing.
  • The provisional member after a period of one year will be made permanent member subject to approval by the Executive Committee. All members shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Association and the Code of Conduct as adopted by the general body of the Association.